Choosing Between A Metal Carport And Garage

Choosing Between A Metal Carport And Garage

Whether you need an added space for your vehicles or store items, or you’re undecided which to choose, don’t look elsewhere! Carports and garages are two vastly distinctive structures, yet both offer practicality and convenience through their extra storage spaces. Here we have listed the most common factors which will help you decide the best option between metal carports and garages.

What is a Carport

A carport is a partially covered structure designed to be open from minimally two sides. Roofing is usually made up of steel or fabric are common roofing materials while braced by steel posts. Carports are easy to assemble, strong and sturdy, and don’t require much maintenance. They can be constructed anywhere, for instance, free-standing or attached to your home.

What is a Garage

A garage is an enclosed space with encompassing walls, equipped with roofing and a doorway. Garages can be free-standing or attached to your home. Detached garages are usually made of steel or fabric and can either be permanently fixed or moveable.

Carports vs. Garages: Factors of Consideration

  • Uses

In this one, both carports and garages are great and effective options as a shelter for your vehicles. You essentially don’t have to worry about your vehicles taking a beating from outdoor elements like snow, rain, wind, and heat. Also, both spaces can be multi-purposed into productive work areas and storage solutions for your items.

  • Portability

Unlike detached garages, carports can be assembled and disassembled easily to meet your varying needs. If you plan on living in your home long-term, garages could be your option as they need to be built on a flat foundation using concrete. However, if you intend to move house and prefer one that can move together as well, a metal carport would be your choice.

  • Location and Permit Requirements

Construction of garages typically involves many rules and restrictions as compared to installing a carport in many neighborhoods. If you don’t want to hassle with permit needs or inspections from building a garage, you should consider a carport instead. It’s often more straightforward in attaining the required approval to assemble a carport.

  • Protection and Security

Carports are open structures but can still provide effective protection from the different elements.  In contrast, garages are fully covered and provide full concealment and protection of your items against all kinds of elements. Some garages can also cater to an added layer of protection against theft and crime as opposed to carports.

Find Carports and Garages at Behrs Buildings

Finally, your choice for a metal carport or garage boils down to your own considerations and preferences. You must weigh your options accordingly by thinking short and long term. Regardless of your decision, you’ll be able to discover a wide range of carports and garages at Behrs Buildings! You can even get to design your own building using the online custom designer! Also, check out our manufacturing locations which are strategically sited across the United States to provide you with first-rate service and lead times.