Factors To Consider Before Installing A Garage On Your Premises

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Garage On Your Premises

A garage is a common and necessary feature in many homes. Having an added garage can resolve many storage and space issues. Your house was perhaps built without a garage or that you have fully maximized the storage space with your many belongings including tools, equipment, old books, and toys. Perhaps you have recently purchased another vehicle or boat that exceeds the space in your current two-car garage. Regardless of your varying needs, one thing remains constant and that you simply require extra garage space. Considering installing a garage on your premises, look no further!

Here we have listed some of the most important factors to take into consideration before you build a new garage.

Garage Styles

The following are the different possible garage styles you can choose from:

  • New England Deluxe
  • Dutch Barn
  • Double Wide
  • Cape Cod
  • Classic
  • Chalet
  • A-frame

Our online custom designer at Behrs Buildings allows you to fully customize your garage style and pick out the different sizes and colors to suit your preferences. You can render 3D images of your personalized building and request a price quote from us today!

Return on Investment

Garages are good value for your money as they can increase the value of your home. For instance, a normal detached two-car garage would usually cost approximately $50,000 but it can add $30,000 to your home’s total market valuation, seeing a 66% return on investment.

Cost of a Ready-built Garage

The cost of each garage differs according to the material used, size, and possible modifications chosen. The following are the approximate range of prices for a garage:

  • Double car

A two-car garage with modular A-frame and vinyl siding can range from $12,900 to $26,800.

  • Two-story

Two-level, two-car garage can cost between $35,000 to $45,000.

  • Single car

A single-car garage with vinyl siding can cost between $5,400 to $13,500.

At Behrs Buildings, we have a wide array of prefab garages available for your choice and liking. To further improve affordability for our customers, our convenient rent-to-own program allows you to purchase your own garage with a small upfront fee followed by flexible low monthly payments. Do contact us for us to establish your needs and find a payment plan that suits your budget.

Best Material for a Garage

Most garages are made from vinyl or wood, both of which are lasting and durable. The material you decide to pick could be due to aesthetic or maintenance reasons. Wood is more popular for its ability to take on a more naturalistic design and blending in more easily with your home. However, such wood structures will require frequent maintenance since the quality of wood deteriorates more easily over time when exposed to the elements, causing recurring splits and warps in the material.

In contrast, vinyl materials can resist extreme elements and negate moisture, making them extremely durable and low maintenance. You don’t have to clean much or complete regular upkeep as compared to wood. If you don’t like cleaning or doing housekeeping, vinyl is definitely the best material option for your garage!