A-Frame Roof Carports

A-Frame Roof Carports

A-Frame Roof Carports

A-Frame roof carports are a popular option for both business owners and homeowners since they work extremely well in sheltering a number of vehicles, yet can also be designed to cover larger and taller vehicles like RVs. Additionally, they have a diverse range of useful applications, not just limited to covering your vehicles. Increasingly, many people in America switch to A-frame roof carports due to their variety of advantages and features. Now, they are beginning to boom in popularity, leading to a surge in demand for them.

What Are A-Frame Roof Carports?

An A-frame roof carport is also known as a boxed-eave carport due to its distinct A shape and horizontal roof panels that aid in providing the strength of the structure as well as keeping the costs low. In fact, it is one of the stronger carports designs currently available in the market. They are well-received by those that want to get a new carport that matches that of their home as the A-frame roof resembles the roofs that are built on homes. With more framing, eaves, and bracing than a regular roof carport, the A-frame carport provides a substantial number of advantages whilst keeping the costs affordable.

Benefits of A-Frame Roof Carports

  • Low and Easy Maintenance – Typically, A-frame roof carports are made using steel, which does not require a lot of maintenance. Their colors are designed to not fade or peel easily and washing is highly simplified. All you have to do is spray them down using a hose or pressure washer to remove stains.
  • Complete Flexibility – A-frame carports are highly flexible when it comes to their applications. With only a little customization and modification, they can be used in a variety of different applications, including but not limited to RV parking, equipment storage, double car shelter, outdoor patio protection, and boat storage. All you need to do is to plan and choose the appropriate size of your carport ahead of its construction. You have the choice to customize aspects of the structure such as the gauge of the steel framing, anchors, and gables. As long as you pick the options that are ideal for your own situation, you’ll be able to get an extended value from your investment.
  • Budget-friendly – Carports generally are more cost-effective when compared to building a garage; they don’t usually require one to take a loan or break the bank to afford. In addition, you’ll have the freedom and choice to pick and customize your own design to suit your own budget and needs as well.

Why Choose Behrs Buildings’ A-Frame Roof Carports?

At Behr Buildings, we’ve got the best and lowest prices guaranteed, and we will ensure you get your buildings in the quickest lead time possible. Our aim is to get you the best quality structure for your home, in part due to our preference to work with trusted manufacturers only.

For more information on our A-frame roof carports or to place an order, feel free to contact us today.
22×26 Carport
#15 22x26 Carport
$5,460 plus tax
Rent To Own Pricing
  • 24 Months 365 Per Month 730 Down
  • 36 Months 285 Per Month 570 Down
  • 48 Months 225 Per Month 450 Down
  • 54 Months 215 Per Month 430 Down
Building Features
  • A-Frame Roof
  • 8' Sidewalls
  • Sides Closed
  • Front and Back Gable Ends
12×31 Carport
#24 12x31 Carport
$3,605 plus tax
Rent To Own Pricing
  • 24 Months 240 Per Month 480 Down
  • 36 Months 210 Per Month 420 Down
  • 48 Months 160 Per Month 320 Down
  • 54 Months 150 Per Month 300 Down
Building Features
  • A-Frame Roof
  • 8' Sidewalls
  • (2) 1.5x30 Side Panels
20×21 Carport
#42 20x21 Carport
$2,770 plus tax
Rent To Own Pricing
  • 24 Months 180 Per Month 360 Down
  • 36 Months 140 Per Month 280 Down
  • 48 Months 110 Per Month 220 Down
  • 54 Months 105 Per Month 210 Down
Building Features
  • A Frame Roof
  • 7' Sidewalls