Common Types Of Metal Garage Doors

Common Types Of Metal Garage Doors

While there are many types of garages in the world, metal garages have been rising in popularity due to their versatility. These garages are typically prefabricated, and buyers have the chance to customize how they want theirs to be built. The door is one of the features that impact a metal garage’s aesthetics.

The garage door will take up a substantial amount of the house’s street-facing façade, and this will highly influence the house’s curb appeal and potential selling price. Well-designed doors can do wonders to increase the value of a house. It is also one of the most used entryways in any home, as it is often the door that people open after pulling up in the garage. In this article, we introduce some types of metal garage doors that are commonly used.

Overhead Garage Door

Overhead garage doors or panel-style doors are installed using hinged panels, allowing the doors to move easier along the tracks. They are essentially doors that use a track mounted to a garage’s inner roof. When the garage is fully opened, the overhead doors will lie in the tracks against the roof. To close, the doors will slide along the track and fill up the garage opening vertically. This is a convenient door style, as you do not have to leave your vehicle to open or close the garage door. They are normally motorized and can be controlled with a remote.

Roll-Up Garage Door

The roll-up garage door has some similarities to the overhead doors as it opens and closes vertically. This door style rolls into a tight barrel at the top of the garage opening upon opening the door. To close, the doors will unroll and fill the garage opening. Roll-up garage doors are typically manually operated and are supported by a spring. They are generally lighter than the overhead doors and are more space-saving as they do not take up space on the inner roof. However, you do have to note that this door style does not seal as tightly as the overhead doors.

Swinging Garage Door

A swinging garage door is an option not commonly gone for and basically swings open and closes on hinges like typical house doors. While they do not take up any space in the garage, the hardware needs to be heavy-duty to take the weight of such a large door. It has a high chance of being blocked by the snow during harsh winter snowstorms, which means that snow needs to be cleared first to access the garage. This makes such doors unsuitable for houses located in heavy snow areas. It is one of the most effective when it comes to sealing the weather out though.

Sliding Garage Door

Sliding garage doors are like swinging doors but they open and close along a track. It also does not take up room in the garage and is more practical as the door’s weight can be handled by the sliding rail.