Best Uses For Your Detached Garage This Summer

Best Uses For Your Detached Garage This Summer

It’s summer and you’ve got some free garage space but you’re not sure what’s the best way to use it. Detached garages are a great space. There’s extra storage and they can be easily converted with a few key items based on what you need the space for. These are just a few ideas to use your detached garage this summer.

Transform it into a Home Classroom

Once the initial joy of summer break has worn off, kids may grow bored with the amount of free time they have on their hands. Clearing out your detached garage to create a safe home classroom can be a fun way to spend time with your children and keep them busy during summer.

Decorate the space and think of activities to keep your children engaged during summer. You can even conduct science experiments for them without worrying too much about making a mess or physical activities for them to run around and keep active. Also, because your detached garage is a space separate from your home that your kids probably don’t get to spend much time in, it will seem like a fresh new place away from home, making them feel the excitement of going somewhere new without traveling anywhere.

Host Friends and Family as Event Space

If your garage is empty, you can set up some tables and chairs, put up some nice lights and décor and use it as an events space. Whether it’s a fourth of July barbeque or a small cozy get-together with friends, a detached garage can be a space to hold a summer party.

Convert it into a Home Gym

The warm weather during the summer months makes it a wonderful time to work up a sweat and get into exercising. If your bulky gym equipment has been collecting dust in the house, moving it into the detached garage where you have enough space to use it properly might motivate you to keep using it. The detached garage also allows space for other kinds of movement like jumping rope or home workouts, without being distracted by the noise at home. A dedicated space allows you to focus on exercising to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Use it as a Project Space

If you’re taking on a do-it-yourself project that requires space for painting, woodwork, or any kind of construction, the detached garage can be converted into a conducive space to do so. If you create a lot of noise hammering or drilling, you can rest easy knowing that there’s enough distance between you and your living space so that the rest of your family won’t be disturbed if they are working from home. While noise might not be an issue for you, any fumes from painting or varnishing can travel through the home and affect the health of your family. If you have younger children and are working with tools, a detached garage will also allow you to keep them from stumbling across these dangerous items.

A detached garage is not only great for storage, it’s also multi-functional. Whether you need a space to work out, carry out your crafts, or spend time with your kids, it will serve any purpose you deem fit.