Alternative Uses Of A Large Detached Garage

Alternative Uses Of A Large Detached Garage

Garages are not only spaces to store your vehicles but a space to keep your tools and other large and unsightly items away from visitors. If your home comes with an attached garage, adding a large detached garage will free up more living space for you and your family. You can convert your attached garage into a bedroom for guests or visiting family members or even transform the space into a recreation room for your family to spend time together by adding a television, a sofa, or even a pool table.

While you use your large detached garage as a parking space or to store the items you would normally store in a regular garage, if you have enough space, you can use your garage for activities apart from just storage.

A Dedicated Space for Work

If you use your garage as a space to operate a business or work, you’ll want a space that is quiet and conducive for work. Having a detached garage gives you a bit of distance from your home, allowing you to work without being distracted by any noises or sounds from your family. You are less tempted to stray from your work by carrying out any household tasks or by playing with your kids. Separating your workspace from your relaxation space will allow you to focus more. If you’re a small business owner, a detached garage will allow you enough space to be able to store your products or necessary equipment without compromising on your living space for your family.

She Shed or Man Cave

With some furniture and décor, the garage can be converted into a great she shed or man cave to spend a little time away from the rest of the family. When decorated or furnished appropriately, this space allows for rest, relaxation, and a quiet retreat away from the stresses of life.

Artist Studio or Workshop

If you enjoy painting or woodworking, then a detached garage is a wonderful place to indulge in your craft without the worry of space constraints. Any smells or fumes from varnish or paints will remain in the garage without the worry of it wafting into the house.

Indoor Urban Garden or Greenhouse

If your detached garage has running electricity and water and is positioned in a direction where you can get a good amount of sunlight, you can utilize the space as a greenhouse to grow any plants or herbs you might like. One reason you might like to grow your plants indoors instead of outside is that you have control over the climate. Certain plants might require less water or sunlight so if you’re in an area where you get a lot of rainfall or too much sun, an indoor garden might be suitable for you. You can also use your detached garage to store items such as fertilizer or pesticides, which may be better kept away from your living space.

No matter how you choose to use your large detached garage, it’s a great space that allows for flexibility based on your needs and wants.