Your Ultimate Guide To 2-Car Garage Dimensions

Your Ultimate Guide To 2-Car Garage Dimensions

Garage size is something that everyone should consider before purchasing a prefabricated garage. When a metal garage has the ideal dimensions, it will work best to keep your belongings safe against harsh weather elements. It can also reduce maintenance and costs. There are many sizes of prebuilt garages to choose from, so consider what you deem to be sufficient before buying one.

There are single car garages and extra-wide ones, but the most popular would be the 2-car garages. The name explains it all; It can fit two family cars. Think about the storage requirements and the garage's intended use as this can affect the size of the 2-car garage. Of course, you will also need to take into account the size of your cars.

Here is a guide to the 2-car garage dimensions should you decide to purchase one.

Size of 2-Car Garage

Usually, the size of a 2-car garage would start at 20’ X 20’. This is because a size any smaller would no longer be able to accommodate two family cars. However, you can always have a garage with a larger area pre-built. The more common dimensions for a 2-car garage would be 24’ x 24’. This size will allow you to comfortably fit a few cars in while giving you sufficient space to move about. As for the height of a 2-car metal garage, the shortest one starts at 8’ and can go all the way to 14’. All of these dimensions can be decided by you, as long as you know what to consider. Here are some factors that will affect the garage dimensions.

  • The Size of Your Vehicles

This is a given when talking about garage sizes. One of the main points of a garage is to store your cars, so you need to check the measurements of your car. A smaller car does not need as much space as a pickup, so check all your cars. It is best if you can measure your cars before selecting a 2-car garage size so you can be sure that everything can fit. Otherwise, you can always go for a bigger dimension, and the excess can be used as storage space. If you are planning to purchase a larger car in the future, take that into account when deciding as well.

  • Intended Use of the Garage

Most homeowners will not use a garage purely to shelter cars for the night. Many other items can be stored in there away from the weather and potential perpetrators. Some people have even converted a part of their garages to become their workshops, home offices, gyms, extra living spaces, and many more. Before purchasing a prebuilt garage, consider how much space you need currently and in the future, and consider purchasing a dimension that is slightly bigger than that. Even if you only have one car to keep in the garage, a 2-car garage can be bought. The size will give you more room to store any repair tools and other home equipment.