Understanding Rent-To-Own Metal Garages

Understanding Rent-To-Own Metal Garages

Do you frequently lament or worry about the lack of space to house your possessions like cars, boats, and valuable items? These belongings are purchased using your hard-earned money and should deserve better protection. If you need or want a garage but can’t afford it yet, the solution is a rent-to-own garage. Here is a list to help you better understand what rent-to-own metal garages are.

What is Rent-to-own Metal Garage?

It is a program specifically aimed to improve the affordability of garages for those who want or need one for any purpose. Garages can be used for different purposes such as storage spaces for your belongings, protecting your vehicle or boat from the elements, and theft. Whatever the purpose, a garage would be ideal for you.

Simplified Garage Shopping

If you desperately need a garage now or can’t afford it at present regardless of its purpose, the rent-to-own metal garage program is the perfect solution. You can simply pick and choose your favorite garage, sign the open style month-to-month contract and you are ready to own your very own garage!

The Rent-to-own Garage Open Contract

What does “open” actually mean? The “open” contract means you can, at your own discretion, choose to fully pay off your garage at any time during the contracted rental period. Most of the time, no extra charges or penalties will be imposed on you for paying the amount owed early. Unlike the rent-to-own garage program, similar financial services provided by other companies charge interest or penalize you for paying off an owed amount early.

Low Down Payment

Regardless of your financial standing, the rent-to-own garage program allows you to purchase the garage you have always dreamt for or truly need. For a start, you are only required to pay a relatively low down payment upfront. The remaining balance can be paid off with the option of low monthly payments on a timeframe that works for you, providing you with convenience and assurance of flexibility.

Will Rent-to-own Garage Affect My Credit Score?

Fret not, the rent-to-own program will not affect your credit score. No credit checks are required at all since rent-to-own agreements are not loans. Typically, applications for a rent-to-own garage can be approved very quickly, possibly even on the same day itself! However, in case you wish to terminate your rent-to-own agreement earlier than the protracted date, there will not be any negative effects on your credit score as well.

Get Your Rent-to-own Metal Garage at Behrs Buildings

At Behrs Buildings, we are aware not every customer can purchase their own garage but we don’t want to neglect your needs! We have our rent-to-own program to help realize the needs of our customers, regardless of their budgets.

Whether it is a carport or metal garage, we provide the option of low monthly payments that work based on your timeframe. Wait no longer and sign up for our rent-to-own program today to enjoy your steel structure as soon as possible. Reach us online to find out more about your needs so we can find one that suits your needs and fits your budget.