Site Preparation Checklist Before Hiring Metal Garage Installers

Site Preparation Checklist Before Hiring Metal Garage Installers

Believe it or not, metal garages are increasingly popular these days, and for good reasons. They are more durable, easier to build, and require little to no maintenance. You might want to go for a metallic garage to protect your motorbike, personal car, RV, or any other vehicles you might have on your property. Carports can also be made from metal and they are easy to set up and affordable.

But what do you have to do before hiring metal garage professionals? Are there any site preparations you need to do and if they are, what are those? This article provides you with plenty of answers, so keep reading to find out more.

Determining Size and Design

First of all, you need to be sure about the dimensions of your future metal garage. For example, you need to take into account the height, width, and length of the vehicle you plan to park inside the metal garage. Keep in mind that you might also need additional space on each side so you can safely open the doors of the vehicle. Additionally, you might want to have more space for a bicycle, some basic tools, and other personal belongings you might deposit in your metal garage.

Remove Obstacles and Clean Up the Area

Once you have the dimensions of your future garage, it's time to decide upon where you want to install it. Pick a spot in your property that's easily accessible and relatively protected against the elements. Remove any obstacles that might be in the way and clean up the area. Any toys, flowers, plants, outdoor furniture items, materials, and debris must be cleared up before installing the metal garage.

Remove Vegetation and Level Up the Soil

The next step would be to also remove any vegetation you might have in your yard that's standing in your way. For example, tree stumps are the most common obstacle you need to remove before adding the metal garage. You might be able to remove it yourself or you can hire professionals who have the necessary equipment for stump removal.

Pour the Concrete Base

Most people go for a concrete base when installing metal garages because concrete is a durable material that requires little to no maintenance. You can also go for a wooden foundation, but concrete can last a lifetime. The concrete base acts as a foundation on which your metal garage will be erected. Once the base is set up correctly, the professionals will add the metal garage, a process that should take a few days or less.

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