Winchester Park Addition, Ohio

Winchester Park Addition, Ohio


Building a home rarely means living in the exact same structure for a few decades. It is normal that renovations and new buildings are added over the years to accommodate for children, hobbies, and even multiple vehicles.

Building a new structure on your property can bring about a lot of worries like its stability, quality of materials, and other considerations. Working with Behrs Buildings means having that reassurance that you are linked to manufacturers that are reliable and will provide you with the best quotes and lead times.

About Winchester Park Addition, Ohio

Winchester Park Addition is a hamlet that is located within the City of Canal Winchester. It is a small suburb in Franklin County and is conveniently located just 315 miles west of Washington DC. The area is best known for transportation and agriculture development.

RV Carports in Winchester Park Addition

If you need a carport for an RV, it is important to look for a specialized structure that is able to fit your RV comfortably. Most RVs will require higher roofs and larger widths for easy access.

Carports in Winchester Park Addition

There are many different carports available on the market with different roofs, heights, and even additional features. The best thing about a carport is just how easily it can be converted into a garage or a combo building later in its lifespan. Here are the types that are offered by Behrs Building.

  • A-Frame Roof Carports
  • Regular Roof Carports
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Carports
  • Lean Too Carports
  • Horse Barn

Kids Playsets in Winchester Park Addition

Playsets come in all shapes and sizes ranging from play decks to clubhouses with all types of expansion packs. They are a great way to give your backyard a purpose.

Garages in Winchester Park Addition

If you want a more secure option, a garage is an enclosed space for you to store items or to park your car. More importantly, it can be used as a living space throughout the year. Here are different roof types to consider.

Metal Sheds in Winchester Park Addition

If you do not require that large a storage space, a metal shed is a great option. It costs less and is just as durable in protecting your possessions.

Combo Buildings in Winchester Park Addition

If you would like both indoor and outdoor spaces in your structure, a combo building is able to offer both. This allows for greater possibilities throughout the year. Here are the top picks from Behrs Buildings.

  • A-Frame Roof Combo Building
  • Regular Roof Combo Building
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Combo Building

Wood & Vinyl Buildings in Winchester Park Addition

For some, there is nothing better than traditional wood and vinyl. They can be as durable and sturdy as metal buildings when built by a reliable manufacturer.

  • Barn Style & Gable

Why Choose Behrs Buildings?

Behrs Buildings works by linking manufacturers with customers nationwide. After decades of experience, we have a vast network of different reliable manufacturers to tap on for the best prices and quality.

To reach out to our garage, storage shed, or carport specialists in Winchester Park Addition, Ohio, feel free to contact us today. You can also call us at (877) 934-6990.

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