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About Peoria

Situated in central Illinois, Peoria sits along the Illinois River, where it expands to form Peoria Lake, approximately 160 miles away from Chicago. The seat of Peoria County since 1825, the city was named after its Peoria Indians, who were one of the few tribes who had inhabited the place long before the European settlement.

Carports in Peoria

If you own a car and can’t construct a garage on your property, carports are good alternative options for protecting your vehicles against harsh weather elements. In Peoria, we have the following carports from Behr’s Buildings:

  • A-Frame Roof Carports
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Carports
  • Regular Roof Carports
  • Lean Too Carports

Garages in Peoria

One of the easiest ways to increase the value of your Peoria home is by adding a garage! Having a garage also means that you can better safeguard your vehicles when they aren’t in use. Here at Behr’s Buildings, we carry only high-quality products that are manufactured in the United States. Our quality garages include:

  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Garages
  • A-Frame Roof Garages
  • Regular Roof Garages

Combo Buildings in Peoria

You may build a combo building with Behr's Buildings to have the best of both worlds, having interior and outdoor space in a single structure. We offer various high-quality combo buildings to choose from, including A-Frame Roof Combo Buildings and Regular Roof Combo Buildings.

Big Buildings in Peoria

Big buildings offer far greater versatility when compared with other smaller structures. They are ideal building types for individuals who are looking to build a space to relax, hang out with friends, or even those that want to work on their crafts. With big buildings, the possibilities are endless; you can turn them into a home office or a workshop depending on your preferences.

Commercial Buildings in Peoria

With Behr’s Buildings, you can add modifications and customizations to commercial buildings to match your changing needs. The wide-spanning feature of the structure allows you to use the space in any way you like or need.

Why Choose Behr’s Buildings?

Purchasing a structure from Behr’s Buildings offers numerous benefits to the end customers. When you choose to work with us, you’d never have to worry about the quality of the products you get. We know what our customers want and everything there is to know about metal construction, so our customers will have access to some of the best buildings offered on the market.

Feel free to contact us today if you would like to reach out to our building specialists in Peoria. You can also call us at (877) 934-6990.

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