Lombardy Heights, OH

Lombardy Heights, OH

Do you want to create your own structures? Look no further than Behr’s Buildings for all of your construction needs. You can have the freedom to design your building with Behr’s Building’s specialized custom designer, as well as connect with the appropriate manufacturers, thanks to our years of experience in the field. We have carports and garages to large buildings and commercial buildings, to name a few. For amazing structures that last and are made from high-quality materials, reach out to our team today.

About Lombardy Heights, OH

Lombardy Heights is located in the Belmont County of the state of Ohio. Its area code is 740 and the exact geographical location is latitude 40.073 and longitude -80.742. The town sits 751 feet above sea level.

Carports in Lombardy Heights

Behr’s Buildings offers a variety of carports, which you can choose based on your unique requirements. The following are the carports offered here:

  • A-Frame Roof Carports
  • Regular Roof Carports
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Carports
  • Lean Too Carports
  • Horse Barn


RV Carports in Lombardy Heights

Those who own and drive an RV should park their vehicle in an RV carport. The major reason is that the RV carport protects your vehicle from environmental exposure, such as rain and snow, which can cause it to rust. In the long term, keeping your car in good working order saves you money.

Garages in Lombardy Heights

If you own a car, you’ll need a garage. A garage protects your vehicle not only from damage and environmental elements but also from theft and vandalism. A-Frame Roof, Regular Roof, and A-Frame Vertical Roof are the three styles of garages offered.

  • A-Frame Roof Garages
  • Regular Roof Garages
  • A-Frame Vertical Roof Garages


Combo Buildings in Lombardy Heights

Not sure what a combo building is? Well, it is a structure that combines a carport with a garage or workshop. There are occasions when you may wish to spend time both inside and outside, which is when a combo building comes in useful. These are the combo buildings we provide, depending on your needs: • Frame Roof Combo Building • Regular Roof Combo Building • A-Frame Vertical Roof Combo Building

Kids Playsets in Lombardy Heights

For children, they would surely find joy in our playsets. Playsets are beneficial to kids’ development as they introduce motor skills, like jumping, swinging, and using hand-eye coordination. Choose from a wide range of playsets here, from Discovery Deluxe and Voyager to UltraBuilt Space Station Deluxe and more.

Wood & Vinyl Buildings in Lombardy Heights

If this appeals to you, you can also choose to construct your structure and building out of wood and vinyl. Always think about whatever material you want to use based on the weather and your requirements. These are the services we provide:

  • Barn Style & Gable

Why Choose Behrs Buildings?

Through our expert construction professionals, responsive customer service, and many more, Behr’s Buildings has created a solid client base. Our job is to link manufacturers with clients, supplying them with high-quality building designs and supplies. At the end of the day, we guarantee that your structures and buildings will be both functional and long-lasting.

To reach out to our garage, carport, or combo building specialists in Lombardy Heights, OH, feel free to contact us today. You can also call us at (877) 934-6990.

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