Alternative Uses For Carports

Alternative Uses For Carports

Carports are generally seen as just an avenue to park your vehicle and protect them from exposure to the natural elements. However, owning one actually benefits more than just your car.

Carports have many alternative uses that can truly add value to you and your family members. By capitalizing on its ability to be multifunctional, not only can you save on land space, but you will also be able to improve the functionality of your home. We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of alternative uses for your carport.

An Extra Room

Your metal carport is essentially an extra room that you can renovate to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to add a gym, playroom, or even craft room, your carport can be easily renovated and converted into the room of your dreams.

Depending on what you eventually use it for and how often you will be in it, it is important to consider the wall insulation and flooring that you choose to use. Later, just add decorative items and the appropriate furniture and the carport can be a new comfortable spot for you to chill.

In fact, you can even add panels and install doors and panels to convert your unused carport into a guest room. While this will require more extensive renovation with plumbing and electrical work, you will be able to have a separate guest room that affords both you and your guests some privacy during their stay.

Home Office

With working from home becoming the new norm, it can be worth considering converting your carport into a home office. Your metal carport is essentially a blank space for you to add whatever equipment or features you need. If you want to convert the carport into a home office, you will be able to add workstations to best improve your work processes. Not only will you have additional space but being able to separate your office from your home can help create a greater sense of a work-life balance and instill a greater level of psychological welfare.


Do you love the feeling of watching a movie at one of the drive-through movie theaters located around the country? Why not convert your carport into one as well? All you need is a projector, sound system, and a blank wall in order to watch your favorite films on the large screen. To make the experience more comfortable, you can also add chairs or plush sofas to truly improve your cinematic experience.


If you are an avid gardener and would love to have your own greenhouse, customizing a simple carport can help you achieve your dreams easily. Not only are metal carports sturdy, but with simple improvements, they can help you to cultivate beautiful plants all year round!

Choose Behrs Building for Your Carport Needs

If you are still on the fence about getting a carport due to financial concerns, one option to consider is our Rent-To-Own program which allows you to pay for your carport on monthly terms that work for you. To find out more information about our programs and services, contact us today.